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Microchip PICKit-3
Microchip PICkit-3 is the official programmer and debugger by Microchip. This can be attached to your development board using standard header for ICSP.
PICKit2 Clone programmer and Debugger
PICKit-2 is an open source design by Microchip for a USB based programmer and debugger.
This programmer is based upon that design, and supports all Microchip Microcontrollers that are supported by PICKit-2, Additionally it can do In Circuit debugging using MPLAB
The programmer can be connected to target board using 6 pin header, or the Microcontroller can be programmed by inserting the controller into the ZIF socket.

all small and big microcontrollers from 8 to 40 pins can be inserted, however the pin positions are different and can be selected by the selection switch.
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