PCB ATMega32 ATMega16 8 Bit AVR Learning

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AVR Microcontrollers are one of the most common controllers used in the world. Indeed original Arduino boards were also based upon AVR controllers. Despite availability of 32 bit controllers, the production and sale of 8 bit microcontrollers is still highest. This indicates the usage of these controllers in industry.
This development board has been designed basically to learn AVR controllers. ATMega32 and ATMega16 are two most popular controllers from learning perspective. having a large community and internet support and featuring fairly good memory and peripherals. 
What you learn is easily adaptable to other controllers of AVR Family.

Board Features:
  • On Board 5V Supply to use as standalone product
  • On Board 3.3V regulator to give 3.3V for external circuits
  • Supports ATMega32/ATmega16 Microcontrollers
  • 8 Status LEDs
  • Character LCD (Bothe 8 and 4 bit modes supported)
  • 2 Push switches
  • In Circuit Serial programming (Compatible with USBASP programmer)
  • USART Header, compatible with FTDI232 breakout board to give USB to serial communication
  • All IO Lines available for extension to custom circuits
  • All devices (LCD, LED, Switches) can be connected to pre-defined IO lines using jumpers, or any other IO Line of your choice (100% reconfigurable)
  • Power supply, 5V, 3.3V and Supply Voltage 9V or 12V available through header for external boards
  • Crystal Oscillator Support, you can use any as per your design, we prefer 16MHz crystal.
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  • Manufacturer: Breadboard Pakistan

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