PCB ATMega32 ATMega16 8 Bit AVR Learning

Printed circuit board for ATMega32/16 AVR Microcontroller, self learning
  1. ATMega32 Microcontroller
  2. 8 Status LEDs
  3. Character LCD (8 and 4 Bit Modes)
  4. 2 Push Switches
  5. On Board 5V regulator
  6. On Board 3.3V regulator
  7. Power supply 5V and 3.3V available for external circuits
  8. All IO Lines Available as headers
  9. USBASP compatible in circuit programming header
  10. FTDI 232 Board Compatible USB to Serial Header
  11. All on board devices are 100% reconfigurable to connect to IO lines of your choice or to predefined Lines using jumpers or jumper wires
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