Multifunction shield

PKR 950.00
  • 4 digit 7-segment LED display module (3641BH) driven by two serial 74HC595’s (Pin Latch 4, Clock 7, Data 8)

  • 4 Red LEDs (Pin 10,11,12,13) [D1-13, D2-12, D3-11,D4-10]

  • 10K potentiometer (Pin A0) [Vr-A0]

  • 3 x push buttons (Pin A1, A2, A3) [S1-A1, S2-A2, S3-A3]

  • Piezo buzzer (Pin 3 digital ON/OFF) [LS1-3]

  • DS18B20 temperature sensor interface (not included) (Pin A4) [U5-18b20-LM35-A4]

  • Infrared receiver interface (Pin 2) [U4-IR-2] Compatible to a 1838B Infrared IR receiver

  • Bluetooth interface (GND, +5v, 0 = tx, 1 = rx) [APC220]

  • Free pins pwm (5, 6, 9, A5) with GND, +5V

  • Serial interface header for connection to (optional) serial modules (Bluetooth, wireless interface, voice module, a voice recognition module)

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