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DC Gear Motor and Wheel

Our DC gear motor and wheel set for making robots! These motors are light weight, high torque and low RPM. They can climb hills and have excellent traction, plus you can mount the wheel on either side of the motor with its double-sided output shaft.


  • Motor Voltage: 3 – 12 V
  • Motor Current: 70 mA (typical) – 250 mA (max)
  • Speed: up to 170 RPM
  • Torque: up to 0.8 Kg
  • Gear Ration: 1:48
  • Wheel Diameter: 66 mm
  • Wheel Width: 27 mm

Package Contents:

  • 1 Geared Motor
  • 1 Wheel
PKR 210.00
TowerPro SG90 9g Mini Servo 1.2kgCm – 180 degree Rotation-Standard Quality

It equips Carbon Fiber Gears which makes the servo motor much lighter than same metal gear motor. For small load applications using the metal gear servo motor adds on unnecessary weight, so we suggest using this lightweight plastic gear servo motors.

The TowerPro SG90 9g Mini Servo is 180° rotation servo. It is a Digital Servo Motor which receives and processes PWM signal faster and better. It equips sophisticated internal circuitry that provides good torque, holding power, and faster updates in response to external forces.

They are packed within a tight sturdy plastic case which makes them water and dust resistant which is a very useful feature in RC planes, Boats, and RC Monster Trucks etc. It equips 3-wire JR servo plug which is compatible with Futaba connectors too.

Features : 

  1. High resolution
  2. Accurate positioning
  3. Fast control response
  4. Constant torque throughout the servo travel range
  5. Excellent holding power

Package Includes : 

1 x TowerPro SG90 9g Mini Servo Motor with Cable

Set of Horns

  1. One Point
  2. Two Point
  3. Four Point

1 x Set of Screws

PKR 220.00
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