Microchip PIC Lab-3 Development Board Strawberry USB

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Microchip is one of the largest microcontrollers manufacturers in the world. It has a wide spectrum of microcontrollers ranging from 8 to 32 bits. All families are compatible in common peripherals they share. Learning one makes it easy to migrate to others.This board has been designed specifically for the PIC18F4550 microcontroller, however it is generic in form and can be used with any other 40 Pin, pin compatible Microchip PIC Microcontrollers.The board has major circuitry and IO lines for interfacing with external modules and circuits.
  • Support for All 40 Pin Microchip PIC Microcontrollers (PIC18F4550 Recommended)
  • 20MHz Crystal oscillator (MCU can be configured to 48MHz using internal fuse settings)
  • One Momentary Push switch (Pulled Up)
  • Two status LEDs
  • Reset Button
  • In Circuit Serial Programming Header (PICKit-2 and PICKit-3 Compatible)
  • On board 5V 1.5A Regulator
  • 24C16 External EEPROM I2C (can be replaced with any other of family)
  • Supplied DC Power is available through T-Block for use in external circuits
  • All IO Lines of MCU are available through headers organized into PORTS along with 5V DC Supply for easy interfacing
  • On board devices, including USB lines can be connected or disconnected from the MCU pins using simple DIP Switch.
  • Can be powered from USB or External source
  • PIC18F4550 comes with pre-loaded USB Bootloader so that you can program it directly without external programmer.
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  • Manufacturer: Breadboard Pakistan

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