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XH-M252 TDA8954TH Dual Chip D Digital Amplifier Board Audio Amplifier Board 420W*2
Product Name: TDA8954TH Dual Channel Amplifier Board
Product Model: XH-M252
Amplifier chip: TDA8954TH
Input voltage: recommended AC dual 24V (up to 30V)
Amplifier power: 2x420W
Number of channels: left and right stereo
Output impedance: 2-8Ohm
Appearance size: 107*93*30mm

Package included:

1 x TDA8954TH Dual Channel Amplifier Board
PKR 5,000.00
ISD1820 Sound/Voice Board Recording Module


  1. Working voltage: 3 ~ 5V
  2. Board size:54 x 38 mm
  3. ISD1820 Sound/Voice Board Recording
  4. 100% Brand new and high-quality Board
  5. ISD1820 chip with an Onboard microphone

This is ISD1820 Sound/Voice Board Recording Module. The ISD1820 Sound/Voice Board Recording is 100% Brand new and high-quality Board ISD1820 chip with an Onboard microphone, you can direct recording of About 10 seconds voice recording. High-quality, natural voice Restore can be used as a loudspeaker module With a loop playback, jog playback, single-pass playback.

The chip pin leads, through the microcontroller to control operation.

This voice record/playback device is based on the ISD1820 chip, which can record/playback multiple-message. It can offer true single-chip voice recording, non-volatile storage, and playback capability for 8 to 20 seconds. For the sampling rate of 3.2KHz, it can record for the total duration of 20 seconds.

Features :

  1. Working voltage: 3 ~ 5V
  2. Board size:54 x 38 mm
  3. ISD1820 Sound/Voice Board Recording
  4. 100% Brand new and high-quality Board
  5. ISD1820 chip with an Onboard microphone.

Package Includes :

1 x ISD1820 Sound/Voice Board Recording Module

PKR 300.00
Bluetooth Usb Mp4 Video Fm Radio Kit Player
MP3 Audio, FM Radio, Aux input, SD, USB, MP4 Video, Bluetooth Audio
PKR 800.00
HiFi Amplifier Passive Tone Board Treble Bass Volume Control Preamp Board
This item is passive tone board, the main function of the input audio signal for high and low tone section, and then sent to the amplifier board to zoom.
The principle of the product is the audio signal through the limiting element directly through the filter to get the desired high and low tone, tone board does not require power, but the volume will be processed a lot smaller, so the final stage must be connected to the amplifier board.
PKR 250.00
Bluetooth Digital Power Amplifier Board XY-502B Two Channel Stereo 50W*2 Output


Type: Bluetooth digital power amplifier board


Supply voltage: DC4.5~2.7V 

Output power:50W x2 

Channels:Two channel stereo 



-Two audio input modes: Bluetooth mode and headset (LINE IN) mode.

-Two power supply interfaces: terminal and DC2.1MM socket (compatible with most of the PC power interface).

-Power input anti-reverse function.

-Acrylic shell protection.


1.Mode selection:

Modules are available in both Bluetooth and LINE IN modes. When the power amplifier defaults to the Bluetooth IN audio line input mode; can also press the "PLAY / M" key to switch mode.

2.Connect to Bluetooth:

Switch to Bluetooth mode or default Bluetooth mode just when the power, broadcast English "The bluetooth device is ready to pair", that enter the Bluetooth mode and wait for pairing; mobile phone Bluetooth search to the "XY_BT" is the Bluetooth power amplifier board device name, Click on the connection, the Bluetooth power amplifier board prompt "The bluetooth device is connected successfully", that power amplifier board and mobile phone connection is successful, you can play music.

Package Included:

1 x Bluetooth Digital Amplifier Board

PKR 1,500.00
LM386 Audio Amplifier Module

1. On-board LM386 Chip
2. 200 multiplier benefits circuit design
3. On-board speaker wiring block
4. On-board 10K variable resistor, you can adjust the volume of the enlarged
5. On-board power indicator
6. The chip pin leads, can be directly input audio signal
7. Operating voltage: 5 - 12V
8. Board size: 41 x13mm

Package included:

1 X LM386 audio amplifier module
PKR 150.00
PAM8403 2x3W Class D Digital Audio Amplifier Module 5V
  • 3W Output at 10% THD with a 4Ω Load and 5V Power Supply
  • Low THD+N Superior Low Noise Efficiency up to 90%
  • Short Circuit Protection Thermal Shutdown
  • Peaker With: 4~8ohms, recommended: 4ohms Speaker Power: 2~8W
  • Advanced Micro Devices, SIZE: 1.85 x 2.11cm
PKR 50.00
2x100W Double Channel Digital Audio Amplifier | TPA3116
100% brand new, high quality. Using a wide DC voltage, input voltage 12-24V TPA3116 chip High efficiency and low heat 2*100W output power Dual channel (Left + Right channel) Color:Random delivery of two colors, the same function. Specifications: Type: Digital audio amplifier board Product number: XH-M190 Color: Red panel Material: Plastic panel Size:120*65*22mm(approx.) Chip type: TPA3116 Input voltage: DC 12-24V Output power: 2*100W Input resistance: 2*51kΩ Input match: 4-8Ω Frequency response range: 14-100kHz Signal to noise ratio: 100dB Output channel: 2 (left channel + right channel)
PKR 1,400.00
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