8x32 LED Matrix Module

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8x24 LED Matrix Module for easy interfacing with your microcontroller boards and learning how moving messages and other displays function.

  1. Four 8x8 LED Modules
  2. Shift Registers 74HC595 cascaded to control 24 LEDs of One Row
  3. CD4017 Decade counter to scan the 8 rows
  4. Interfacing requires only Data, Clk and Latch for rows
  5. Interfacing Requires Clk and Rst pulses on 4017 for row scanning
  6. only 5 IO Lines of MCU are required.
  7. Power of 5V can be supplied by MCU Board or External 9V DC
  8. On Board 5V Regulator
  9. If Powered from 5V regulator, the board can also supply your MCU 5V supply.
  10. Modules can be cascaded together to form a long chain.
Excellent tool for developing thinking and logic skills.
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